The Top Attractions In Coralville Iowa

Although Iowa is not one of the top destinations for vacations, it is certainly a worthwhile place to visit. If you have never been to Cedar Rapids before, then you are likely not aware of a small location called Coralville. Located adjacent to Iowa city, it has a population of just over 18,000 people. There are many attractions there, and also just outside of the city, that you and your family can enjoy. Let’s discuss the best attractions in Coralville that you may want to consider visiting while you are going through this area of Iowa.

Antique Car Museum

If you are an individual that enjoys looking at older vehicles, you will certainly like the Antique Car Museum of Iowa. It has many of the original vehicles that were made nearly 100 years ago. You will get to see some of the top models for that time period. Whether you are looking for something from the 1920s, or the 1950s, all of these vehicles will be on display. If you have never been to an antique car museum before, your first time here will definitely motivate you to see additional ones later on. However, there are some people that would prefer doing something else. Instead of looking at the machinations of mankind, you may want to experience an outdoor setting that many people recommend in this area.

Clear Creek Trail

as you read the reviews about this place, you will see that it is highly recommended by visitors for many reasons. They will tell you how clean the area is and how well maintained the trails are. It is a nice place to go for a walk or simply get some exercise. Whether you are with your kids, or if you are by yourself, you will have an enjoyable time. It’s one of the best destinations that is near Coralville Iowa proper, one that you will certainly enjoy.

There are several other attractions that you will be able to see. There are places where you can learn about the history of Coralville. Museums, memorials, and many other locations are there for you to enjoy. If you do have more than a few days, you can take your time. It is recommended that you spend at least a week. Although it’s a small community, you should have no problem at all having a great time in Coralville by visiting these locations.